Ax 2012 Editor improvements

  • December 2, 2011

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, a new X++ Editor is introduced which replaces the current legacy editor. The new X++ Editor is based on hosting a Visual Studio 2010 Editor Framework control.

Here are a few Tips & Tricks:

  • Type ‘main’ + TAB: The editor generates a standard Main-method.
    Note: This trick works with all templates (right-click –> Add-in –> Template)
  • Type ‘///’ on the top of a method. When you do so you get the standard header for generating XML-documentation.
  • While the intellicense drop-down is shown press CTRL. The drop-down dialog becomes transparent.
  • CTRL + ‘c’ at the begin of the line will copy the whole line.
  • CTRL + ‘i’ and start typing the word that you want to find. If you want the next, just type CTRL + ‘i’ again.
  • CTRL + scroll up/down to zoom in and out to the code.
  • Make a link to AX32.exe -development to go directly to the development-mode.

You can find more on chanel 9