Portal development

  • January 31, 2011
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While surfing the web, I came across a blog from 2 friends (Youri De Brabandere and Christof Decraene) about Enterprise Portal development. For the moment they have only a few posts, but I’m sure their will be more soon. Have fun with the http://www.axepclipboard.com.

Enterpris Portal – Tips & Tricks (part1)

  • September 9, 2010

Ilearned something new from my colleague Koen Van Hauwenhuyse. He showed me 2 extra querystring parameters you can add tot the portal URL so the content will be shown different. The normal Url of the page: http://***/TSTReplacement.aspx?WCMP=TST The Url for the rolecenter-view of the same page: http://***/TSTReplacement.aspx?WCMP=TST&RUNONCLIENT=1 The Url for the same page without any … Continue Reading

Enterprise Portal – titlebar issue (part 2)

  • June 25, 2010

While I was checking my previous Enterprise Portal titlebar issue, me and my colleagues found a second bug. When you use a single quote (‘) in the PageTitle, the name of the Page Defenition object is displayed instead of the actual label with the singel quote. We couldn’t find a solution yet, but we’re still looking. Anyone … Continue Reading

Enterprise Portal – titlebar issue

  • June 21, 2010

When you modify the PageTitle property of a new Page Definition to a label with a ‘special’ character in it. You will see that the title is not rendered well. For example when you use a é it will be rendered as &#233. I logged this case with Microsoft and for the moment there is no … Continue Reading

Enterprise Portal – strange behaviour with date-picker

  • June 18, 2010
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Have you ever experienced the following symptoms in the Enterprise Portal: click on a date picker (the date picker is shown) click outside the date picker (the date picker is hidden) finally, you re-click on the date picker Result: you see the message ‘Loading data’ and a ‘error on page’ message appears in the bottom … Continue Reading