Amount in words

  • November 28, 2011

This week one of my customers asked me to place the amount in words on a invoice. I couldn’t believe that sush function wasn’t availible in standard Ax. After some research I found that the Global-class contains the following methods:

  • static TempStr numeralsToTxt(real _num)
  • static TempStr numeralsToTxt_EN(real _num)
  • static TempStr numeralsToTxt_ES(real _num)
  • static TempStr numeralsToTxt_FR(real _num)
  • static TempStr numeralsToTxt_NL(real _num)

So you can just use these methods like this:

static void JDO_AmountInWords(Args _args)

And you get the following result:

I know these methods aren’t perfect, but they can be a start and save you a lot of programming time.