System tables – part1

  • May 3, 2010

In this post I will talk about some Ax kernel tables that are automatically created after the setup at the first run of Ax. They are typically company independent (no DataAreaId) and contain some valuable information about AX.

You can find the tables I wil discuss under the AOT –> System Documentation –> Tables.

  • AccessRightsList : This table is used to manage the authorization of the usergroups in Ax (Be carefull). The most important fields in this table are:
    • GroupId : Usergroup (UserGroupInfo)
    • RecordType : Type of accessRights Table, securityKey
    • Id : Internal Id of the object on witch access rights have been defined
    • AccessType: Granted access rights (No Access, Read, Change, Add, Full Control)
  • CompanyDomainList : This table contains relation between companies and domains.
  • Common : The is the table that describes all other tables. It conains some important fields that return in all other tables. For example RecId, TableId, CreatedDateTime, …
  • DataArea : This table contains data about created companies.
    Important fields:

    • Id : Company Id
    • Name
    • IsVirtual : Defines if the company is real (0) or Virtual (1). You often use this while looping trough companies with changecompany.
  • DataBaseLog : This table contains data about which tables and events to log.
  • DomainInfo : Table that contains info about the domains you have defined.

It is not easy to find info about these tables, but I hop this helps you all a bit.