How to run a Microsoft Ax 2012 Hyper-V on VirtualBox

November 25, 2011 2 comments

For the moment Microsoft provides us with with demo-VPC’s for Windows Server Hyper-V. In this post I will describe step-by-step how you can run the same vhd with VirtualBox on your Windows Client.

Before you begin:

Make sure that Hardware Virtualization is enabled on your machine. To check if this setting you can Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool from Microsoft.

Install the latest version of Oracle VirtualBox:

Download the Microsoft Ax 2012 Hyper-V:

Create a new Virtual Machine based on the Hyper-V VHD

Now you should have a fully functional Demo-VPC with Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 🙂


Have Fun!


Possible issue:

When you add 2 Demo VHD’s you could get an error concerning the uuid of the VHD file. You can easily change the uuid withe the following command:
VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid “[PATH TO THE VHD FILE]AX2012-A.vhd”