How to make methods on fields disappear (aka a bug)

  • August 5, 2010

Me and some of my colleagues are currently working with a customer on a Ax 2009 SP1 RU4. The other day we came to the conclusion that the modified methods on fields in a form suddenly disappeared. I know, you should write as less as possible code on a form, but sometimes there is no way … Continue Reading

Records with RecId 101090

  • August 4, 2010

I was using the postload method of the HRMBenefitType-table to fill the description-field with language-sensitive description (from LanguageTxt). This works fine when I view the record, but not when I use a lookup. I’ve put a break-point on my postload method and noticed the recId (this.recid of the HRMBenefitType table). This is always the 101090. … Continue Reading

Best Practices – Technical Best Practices for Dynamics AX

  • June 28, 2010

While surfing on the web about Ax Best-Practices I found the following link on Packt Publishing. I think this is a verry good list of things a Ax developer should do while programming. This article is a part of the book ‘Quality Assurance for Dynamics AX-Based ERP Solutions‘, maybe I’ll read it.

Enterprise Portal – titlebar issue (part 2)

  • June 25, 2010

While I was checking my previous Enterprise Portal titlebar issue, me and my colleagues found a second bug. When you use a single quote (‘) in the PageTitle, the name of the Page Defenition object is displayed instead of the actual label with the singel quote. We couldn’t find a solution yet, but we’re still looking. Anyone … Continue Reading

Enterprise Portal – strange behaviour with date-picker

  • June 18, 2010
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Have you ever experienced the following symptoms in the Enterprise Portal: click on a date picker (the date picker is shown) click outside the date picker (the date picker is hidden) finally, you re-click on the date picker Result: you see the message ‘Loading data’ and a ‘error on page’ message appears in the bottom … Continue Reading

Smart projects

  • May 21, 2010

Every Ax developer tries to group their code from one defect or one analysis in one project. Sometimes you try to maintain the AOT structure in that project through groups (don’t forget to set the property projectGroupType). What some developers don’t know is that project-groups have a property GroupMask. Here you can fill in a … Continue Reading

Dialog Extended

  • May 12, 2010

One of my colleagues (Koen Dedecker) was looking for a way to prevent user interaction with other forms while a certain dialog is shown. After some research he found the solution on the blog Dynamics AX tools and tutorials from Vanya Kashperuk. A few years ago (2007) he made a simple extension of the dialog class … Continue Reading

A few things you should know about temporary tables

  • May 10, 2010

How do you set a table temporary: You can set the property ‘temporary’ in the AOT to yes –> this table is always temporary You can declare a buffer of a table and call the method setTemp() or setTempData(), from that moment on the buffer contains temporary data. CustTable custTable; ; custTable.setTmp(); if (custTable.isTmp()) { … Continue Reading

The Ax Infolog

  • May 7, 2010

Wel all know the small dialog that gives the user usefull information about what is happening in Ax. In this post I will tell u some more about this. You can add information to the Infolog by calling: Infolog.add(…) info(…) warning(…) or checkfailed(…) error(…) You can add some structure in it by using setPrefix(…) Using … Continue Reading

System tables – part1

  • May 3, 2010

In this post I will talk about some Ax kernel tables that are automatically created after the setup at the first run of Ax. They are typically company independent (no DataAreaId) and contain some valuable information about AX. You can find the tables I wil discuss under the AOT –> System Documentation –> Tables. AccessRightsList … Continue Reading