TechDays 2012 – Extending the reach of your Microsoft Dynamics AX Application with the next-gen tools

January 7, 2012 No comment

On February th 14th this year I am giving my first presentation on TechDays 🙂 You can view some details about my presentation on

TechDays : Software testing with Visual Studio 2010

May 5, 2010 No comment

A few weeks ago I posted a link to all the TechDays 2010 sessions. There is one session I want to remark in special. The ‘Software Testing with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010‘ is a session about the new testing suite in Visual studio 2010 and it should be compatible with Microsoft Dynamics Ax, but I test it yet myself.

Techdays 2010 @ Antwerp – Channel9

April 20, 2010 No comment

A few weeks ago I attended Techdays 2010. Now you all video’s ave been posted on Channel9.

Check them out on:


TechDays 2010 – Ticket

March 17, 2010 No comment

Yesterday I got a mail wtih the subject ‘TechDays 2010 – E-Ticket’. So there is no turning back 🙂

Now I just need to descide witch sessions to take.

Microsoft TechDays 2010 @ Metropolis Antwerp

February 16, 2010 No comment

I totally forgot to blog about this…

On March 31 and April 1, me and some colleagues (RealDolmen) will attend the Microsoft TechDays 2010 conference in Antwerp (Belgium).